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It’s always nice to get to know your photographer before your shoot. Often, especially when it comes to weddings, distance makes it hard to meet up before hand. So I’ve created this page so that those who would like to know a bit more about me from my clients can hear it straight from them…



Mother of the Groom, Matt and Beth Bell’s Wedding March 2012

Abi just wanted to say a big thank you for all the care and attention to detail you took on Matt and Beths special day.I have  seen a few of the photographs and they are just lovely.I am looking forward to seeing all of them when Matt and Beth come to Scarborough.You really did help to add to the atmosphere of the day with your lovely manner.
Have a lovely summer Scarborough is a lovely place for a photo shoot and you would be welcome at our house anytime.


Ruth, family photo shoot, August 2011

I am not one for photographs, I always feel a little awkward as soon as a camera is pointing my direction. Abi did a fantastic job in helping us to maintain a relaxed atmosphere that was conducive to having fun and as a result our photos were all natural and after the first few shots I lost all feelings of awkwardness. She also had some great ideas for things we could do with the children to get great photos and was enthusiastic about our ideas too.
I appreciated that she made minor adjustments to a few of our poses which helped to make the photos a little more aesthetically pleasing. I never once felt pressured to make a change though and I didn’t feel as though everything had to be perfect.
I think for me, the best part of the whole experience was that Abi was right there ready to snap a photo of those ‘opportunistic’ moments that happen now and then but most people are never quick enough nor attentive enough to capture them. We got some great photos that show us glimpses into the life of our little family and the love that we have for one another.
If I could do it all again, I would only change one thing. I would have asked her to take a few shots of my husband and I on our own as we’ve never had really good ‘professional’ photos of us taken. Next time we visit the UK it is a must!


Becky, the Bride, Bry and Becky’s Wedding September 2011

Abi Pegg did our photography for our wedding and I can tput into words ho0w proffessional and brilliant she was ! I had asked her to be around taking pictures and that I hardly wanted any formal pictures and she did exactly that ! No one felt like she was intrusive and most people didnt realise she was there ! The photos I got back were exactly how I wanted them they were excellent quality and I didnt have to wait to long for them either. Abi is an amazing photographer and really put myself and my husband at ease as neither of us like having photos done . I would reccomend her to anyone !


Rachel, the Bride, Craig and Rachel’s Wedding, December 2011

Firstly, if you haven’t decided whether to book Abi yet, book her! She isn’t just an amazing photographer but she makes the day run so smooth. We didn’t have to worry about getting guests together for photos. She made sure I was keeping to schedule. You would not find anyone more efficient (THANK YOU ABI). A tip for the day, it’s all out of your control so sit back and enjoy and remember why you’ve endured a number of breakdowns for months from planning a wedding…so you can marry the one! So try and focus on that. You have probably heard it many times before and I’m only 4 weeks in, but married life really is the best!


Bethany, the Bride, Robert and Bethany’s Wedding, July 2011

We both have quite large families and so the wedding was very, very busy! Three different venues and what seemed like a never ending number of guests! Family photos were one of our worries for the wedding because of the amount of photos we wanted and the amount of family members we have, Abi was as cool as a cucumber when it came to organising up to 20 different groups of people to stand still for about 30 seconds. What a Star!!!What we liked about Abi as a photographer was that she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed on the day! We knew we wanted Abi to do our photo’s as soon as we saw the photo’s from other weddings she had done. We still can’t help but look at our own wedding pictures over and over again even after nearly a year of marriage! You can trust that your photo’s will come out exactly how you imagined them to be because she gets a feel of your personalities!





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