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Part of the reason I’ve been delaying posting anything new on my blog is because I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to organise my online storage space. Images take up so much and I’m rapidly running out on here but I still want to share all my favourite shots from each wedding and more. So I have a new plan. Since all of my work is found by word of mouth, mainly thanks to facebook, I’m going to concentrate on my photography page. I will still post on here, but it will be more of a sample and then with a link to the full album on facebook. Hopefully this will help me keep everything more updated as I am ridiculously behind. So watch this space for my catch up sample posts.

The link to my Albums page is here…


Something different…

I recently had the chance to cover my first corporate event. My dad’s company asked me to cover an environmental conference they were having with special guest speaker David Bellamy. Now corporate photography isn’t really an avenue I was ever thinking of taking, so at first I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic. From my first experience of this, it’s a whole world away from wedding photography. People at weddings are happy to have their picture taken as they expect it at a wedding, this is not the case at a conference. Most people were trying to avoid the camera at all costs no matter how stealth I was. Also with the challenge of a back lit stage with little light else where it providing quite a challenge, but I was able to get enough good shots to please the boss.

abi Pegg Photography

Abi Pegg Photography